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Side Hustle Guide | 2023 Edition

Updated: Mar 23

In today's economy, many people are looking for ways to supplement their income or achieve financial freedom through side hustles. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. I've identified a ton of potential side hustles that can be profitable and have provided tips on how to get started with each one.

Whether you have a talent for crafting, writing, or providing services like tutoring or event planning, there's a side hustle out there that's perfect for you. Read on to learn more and start your journey toward financial independence.

In previous articles, here, here, and here, we have shown that a little extra saving can have a huge impact long term. The same goes for a little extra income. As little as $200 extra income per month can lead to $250,000 if invested over 30 years.

What is a side hustle

A side hustle is a way for individuals to make extra money outside of their primary job. With the gig economy on the rise, more and more people are turning to side hustles as a way to supplement their income. From freelance writing to dog walking, there are endless opportunities to earn money on the side.

There are many reasons why someone might choose to start a side hustle. Some people are looking to pay off debt or save for a vacation. Others simply want to have more disposable income. Still, others are looking to turn their passion into a business. Whatever the reason, a side hustle can be a great way to increase your income and gain new skills.

When it comes to starting a side hustle, the options are endless. Some popular side hustles include freelance writing, graphic design, virtual assistant, content creation, social media management, web development, transcription services, online tutoring, pet-sitting, house cleaning, babysitting, personal shopping, personal training, personal chef, event planning, photography, handyman services and many more.

Before starting a side hustle, it's important to consider your skills, interests, and resources. It's also important to research the market and competition, as well as understand the potential income and time commitment.

To be successful in a side hustle, it is important to have a clear plan, set realistic goals, and be organized. Networking and learning from others in your field can also be helpful. Additionally, it's important to be flexible and open to new opportunities as they arise.

Beyond adding to your net worth, side hustles can be used for:

  • Saving for an upcoming vacation - side note, you can invest that extra cash in short term CDs and put that side hustle cash to work before your vacation

  • Knock out debt - this is a great way to take control of your finances and a key component of your net worth

  • You like money - many of us just want more money for whatever reason and I'm about to give you a ton of ways to get some

Some side hustles require sizable investment and can have a huge payout at the end, think replacing your current job. Others can get you some easy money to cover an upcoming expense, can be really flexible, or just line your pockets a little bit. While other side hustle jobs can land somewhere in between.

Whatever you are looking for we have you covered. Follow the side hustle guide to find the right additional income stream for you!

Why start a side hustle

Starting a side hustle can provide numerous benefits, such as generating extra income, gaining valuable skills, and pursuing a passion or interest. Many people turn to side hustles as a way to supplement their primary income or to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams without quitting their day job. Side hustles also offer the flexibility to work on your own terms and schedule, allowing individuals to balance work and personal life. Additionally, having a side hustle can help diversify income streams and provide a sense of security during uncertain times. So, whether you're looking to earn extra cash, build skills, or follow your passion, starting a side hustle can be a smart decision.

1. Start a blog

Starting a blog easily has the highest earning potential of anything on this list and one of the best side hustles. I started this blog in my spare time as a way to build an additional income stream. There are plenty of success stories of bloggers who quit their day jobs and blog full time and ideally I (and you!) become another one of those success stories.

If you start a blog it can be a ton of fun, you get to write about what you want, you can make money (or not), you can work on it when you want or have time, and you learn new stuff. If you really get into it then you can tap into a huge online community sharing blogging best practices so it really is what you make of it.

As of today, I'm still early in my blogging career, but I'm having a ton of fun writing about all types of topics and have seen a little bit of early success that is keeping me going. If you want to learn more about some of the more technical parts of getting a blog up and running and tracking performance check out my "How to Start a Blog" page.

If you have already read about how to start a blog, or just want to dive right in, head over to Wix to get started. They offer a full suite of tools to help setup, design, and publish an amazing blog.

2. Switch to Swagbucks

I just recently heard about Swagbucks and it is a quick, easy way to save money or make extra money. You can take short surveys to make a little money. You can add the Swagbucks plug-in for Chrome and get notifications when you are shopping if a site can earn you Swagbucks. You can go directly to Swagbucks and see if there are offers you want to take advantage of. You can even play games on the site to earn Swagbucks. It's worth your time to go check the site out.

All-in-all there are a ton of options with Swagbucks to save and make extra money. I'd call this an easy side job from home for sure.

Read more here

3. Buy/Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Sounds strange, right? Who can actually buy stuff and sell stuff on Facebook? I'll tell you what, I've seen it in action and talked with friends who have seen it as well. How does it work? Think about something you buy frequently and/or something you are really familiar with. For me, I'll go with refrigerators because I was recently in the market for an extra one to put in my garage. During that time I was on the Facebook marketplace multiple times a day to check and see if a new fridge had made its way up. For a lot of us, we are on Facebook at any point during the day and can easily pop over to the marketplace and take a look at a certain category. I paid attention to the sizes, the condition, where it was being sold if they would deliver, and on and on. To the point where I could tell if a fridge that was being listed was a good or bad deal. When I saw a good deal come along, I reached out and got myself a fridge.

I compare this effort to going grocery shopping. There was a time when I could tell you what a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, and a gallon of milk would cost you. And I noticed if those prices were going up (remember I was living paycheck to paycheck at a certain point in my life). The same strategy can be executed for a ton of other categories. Find a category that works for you, track items within that category, even set up alerts, and when you find just the right item at the right price, pounce. Then turn around, list the item at a fair price, or slightly above fair, and make yourself a profit. You might have to sit on the item for a few days to get just the right buyer, but in most cases, if you can find a steal on the FB marketplace and then relist at a good price you are still going to sell quickly and make a profit. For those that really want to get the next level with this, you can track the pricing of products over time. You can make a spreadsheet, track what people are buying (make sure to keep track of product specs like size, watts, whatever, so you can compare apples to apples), and eventually, if you can't tell right off the bat whether or not something is a steal, your spreadsheet will do it for you!

There is some risk to this strategy. You may not know what a good price vs bad price is, so it will take a bit of research. What you will find is that there are plenty of good opportunities out there waiting for a savvy shopper like you to take advantage of. It's easy, you don't need anything but a Facebook account and a little extra time to execute on this. Also, if you don't have access to a truck you might want to pick a product category that will fit in your car!

4. Pinecone Research

This is one of many market research companies and a pretty good side hustle. They send you stuff, you test it out, and they pay you to provide feedback. If you search market research companies you can sign up to participate in a ton of them. If you want a simple, easy way to make some extra money I'd have to say this is on my shortlist of easy ways to make money.

The only problem with Pinecone is exclusivity. They are very picky about who they let test our products and rightfully so because it's a pretty sweet gig. Hit up the links below to learn more or apply. Let me know if you make the cut and how that goes!

Click here to go straight to their website and learn more. Or click here to submit an application

5. Getaround

Has your company sent you to work from home for a while? No use for your car right now? Well someone out there might need to borrow it and if you don't have any issues loaning your car out you can sign up for Getaround. Hand over the keys and get paid. It's as simple as that!

Well maybe not that simple. I'd first check with your insurance company to see if your covered in a situation like this. You will also want to ensure that your coverage costs don't go up because if they do, then you will have to utilize Getaround enough to cover that added expense. All-in-all it is an easy hustle and you can get started with a phone call and filling out a form online.

6. Proofread for a living

This is one of those side hustle jobs that isn't for everyone. If you are someone who loves to read, has a knack for the English language, and takes pride in noticing the little things, then this is definitely the best side hustle for you.

It is super simple to get started.

1) Google Proofreading jobs and follow any of the numerous links

2) Check out Upwork and search for proofreading

3) Check out Writerswork and click "Get Started Now"

If you want to give it a test run feel free to read through this article and give me some feedback and maybe I'll hire you!

7. Work as a personal shopper

While this might not sound glamourous, like be a personal shopper to the stars, at least it is an easy way to make some money and you don't need any special skills to make it happen.

For anyone working and living in a more "urban" area, this will be easier to come by. Folks living out in the country don't really need a personal shopper. for this hustle to really work you need to be in a highly-populated area, with plenty of folks who have the extra income to pay you for getting things on their behalf. Not quite a personal shopper to the stars, a bit more like a personal shopper to the rich.

Either way, you can make a decent amount of extra money just by running errands (sometimes errands you would already be making on your own).

8. Clean houses

In today's environment, this might not be the most desirable side job idea, but on the flip side, there might be more need and less available staff than in the past. You can absolutely set up your own website (pretty cheap and easy with Wix) and you can start using that site to attract customers.

If you have a job where you work in the evenings this would be the perfect side hustle for you because most house cleaning happens during the day. If you have a day job then consider cleaning offices because that work typically happens in the evenings. I know when I was growing up and my folks were hustling they would clean office buildings in the evenings. Every now and again my brother and I would tag along to follow them around. It was a great way for us all to be together while my folks made some extra cash. For my brother and I, it was an adventure to see the office space. It was totally foreign and at that age, with our vivid imaginations, it was easy for us to stay busy and entertained.

9. Deliver food with Doordash or Postmates

Food delivery has been booming during 2020 and one of the best side hutles. I know for a fact my family has significantly more food delivered to our door than any year past. We also cook from home more, but that isn't a good side hustle unless you become a personal chef.

One of the best parts about food delivery is the demand isn't going away any time soon. One of the other awesome parts about food delivery is the pay is pretty decent at $15-$20 per hour.

There are other options beyond Doordash and Postmates, I've just found these to have the best pay scale so we will focus here.

10. Teach English online with VIPKid

VIPKid that connects English speakers with Chinese students looking to learn the language. Like many of the best side hustle jobs in this article the hours are flexible (those are the best types of side jobs). The pay is also pretty solid with the ability to earn up to $22 per hour.

Getting started is pretty straight forward. Go to, enter an email address and password or use the handy "Continue with Facebook/Google" links. There is an application and interview process, they need to know you can speak the language, set up a computer, and so on. Pretty basic and not really a big deal to work your way through that process. One of the best parts is you don't have to be certified to teach, but they do prefer you have experience working with children. They try and make that qualification fairly easy. If you have raised your own children, worked in a daycare, tutored in the past, or have babysitting experience that all qualifies.

After getting set up on VIPKid they make things as easy as possible on you. You will see a list of sessions you can choose from and they provide you with a plan.

11. Sell things on Ebay

Having personally sold about $1000 worth of items on eBay in my lifetime I've found it to be one of the easiest ways to make a little extra money with very little effort. I've sold all types of stuff on eBay, an old coat that didn't fit, electronics, clothes, and all types of other stuff. That is what's great about eBay, you can sell almost anything as long as you hit the right price point.

If you don't want to worry about shipping something to the buyer than you can pivot and sell locally on Craigslist where all the same parameters apply. List your stuff, whatever it might be, at the right price point and surely someone will find it and buy it from you.

There are ways to make selling on eBay a scalable business:

  • Start small, in price and in size/weight - building experience and reviews under your eBay account goes a long way to attracting buyers in the future

  • Buy a postage scale - this helps you hit the lowest possible price while also making money

  • Pack lightly - buying a really fancy box isn't necessary so be mindful of how you are shipping your items

  • Do research - learn as much as you can about the item(s) you are selling so you can market and list them correctly

12. Start flipping furniture

Our family has yet to actually flip a piece of furniture, but we did buy a cheap table/chair set and spray paint it. Then we sold our old table and chairs for way more than it cost us to fix up the dining room set we are using today.

That same concept could have been used to list the set on Craigslist, Trove, Chairish, or the Facebook Marketplace. Then you could really consider it a good side hustle idea. The fact that sites like Trove and Chairish exist lends credence to the potential of a good side hustle like flipping furniture.

To find great items that you can flip I suggest the Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, maybe you are even a local newspaper ads person, or your local Goodwill. If you want to really extend your profits I suggest being frugal. We used spray paint on our table/chairs because it was cheaper overall vs buying regular paint and all the supplies that goes along with that process. Spray paint also gets into all the nooks and crannies of furniture plus it can look really polished and finished if done well.

13. Start a consulting service

Starting a consulting service sounds daunting, but really it is pretty basic. If you have developed expertise in a particular field (3-5 years of experience can do that), then you can start offering consulting services.

One site I found while researching this article was You can sign up as an expert in about 10-15 minutes and start getting gigs shortly their after. You fill in a short bio, enter a resume, and your hourly rate. From there, Clarity will guide you toward those in need of the expertise you provide. It's just a platform that connects those with a skill (you), with those that need advice. Pretty basic and you can make great money doing it in your spare time.

14. Find a part-time job

This is easier said than done. This would be something outside of all the suggestions made up to this point. Things like being a waiter/bartender, working as a sales associate (generic term for a person who walks around the floor in a retail environment and helps customers), being a cashier, working at the front desk of a gym, or anything else that might come to mind. While the earning potential from a part-time job is typically pretty limited you might be able to find something fairly easy (for you at least) that doesn't totally suck to do. Like we have said time and time again just a little extra money every week can really add up over time and that is our focus, the longer-term goals!

15. Write an ebook

Similar to starting a blog, an ebook can be a great way to make recurring income, potentially a large income, after putting in some effort upfront. What's more is you can now write and publish on Amazon Kindle Publisher with the click of a few buttons.

Another amazing benefit of Amazon Kindle Publisher is even short stories can be published so you can start out small and work your way into something longer and more "novelly". You can choose to publish in any genre, but there are certain genres that sell better than others.

When all is said and done if you ever wanted to be a published author it really doesn't get much easier than the tools for publishing there are today.

16. Make money as a transcriptionist

My first thought was, "what is a transcriptionist". Well, I'll tell you, a transcriptionist is someone who listens to audio files and types them out. There are a few differnet industrie that always have a need, medical and legal being the most common industries in need. If you are fast and accurate with your typing skills there are at least 5 different websites where you can be connected with someone or a company in need.

  1. Rev

  2. Scribie

  3. TranscribeMe

  4. Daily Transcription

  5. Crowdsurf

For many of you (count me out on this side job) the ability to type quickly and accurately has been honed over your lifetime. If that is the case then this could be an awesome way to make some extra money and would probably be pretty easy for you as well. For those of us with terrible typing skills, I suggested finding another side hustle idea from this list.

17. Answer questions on JustAnswer

This is another side hustle idea that does require very specific skills. JustAnswer is geared toward doctors, lawyers, vets, mechanics, tax experts, etc. It doesn't hurt to check out the site. They do have quite a few categories that are in need of specialists so there is a shot that you fit into one of those categories. Signing up is pretty simple, go to their site, click "log in" at the top left side of the screen, select "I'm a new user" and get your profile filled out.

They do go through a verification process to ensure you can answer questions intelligently, but if you are who you say you are, then you are all set to answer questions in your spare time and make some money.

Another way to make money using JustAnswer is f you already have a website in one of the available categories you can become a partner. That means you can utilize the JustAnswer plug-in on your website. If someone visits your site and ends up getting a question, or two, answered via the JustAnswer plugin you get a cut of what that individual pays. Because JustAnswer is offering expert advice the service isn't free to someone like me who might need legal advice. I pay, you take a cut, and JustAnswer gets the rest. Pretty great service to offer if you are running a site in one of these verticles.

18. Sell services on Fiverr