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Payability Review: start your ecomm empire

Updated: May 5, 2021

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links through which I'm paid. No additional cost to you that's just how marketing works sometimes and its actually pretty awesome, more here.


Payability is a great tool for anyone looking to grow their e-commerce business. It's an even better tool for those that are already making money via e-commerce and want to take it to another level.

The following Payability review will walk you through their two main features, how to utilize those features, and if you make it all the way to the end you can read about the special offer my readers get through my link.

Of the three original founders, you will only find one left at Payability, Kevin Smith. The other founders are serial entrepreneurs that have since moved on. The company was founded back in 2014, with plenty of time for co-founders to make their mark and move on. The service was originally founded to help publishers get paid but eventually morphed into the version you see today.

What is Payability?

Payability is an ecomm tool for those that want to get paid faster and take their existing ecomm business to another level. The platform's features, Advanced Daily Payouts and Capital Advance can help those with financial constraints, an interest in getting paid sooner, or are ready to accelerate growth.

This is how Payability describes itself:

A FinTech company that provides financing and payment solutions to eCommerce sellers. Its patented technology utilizes machine learning algorithms to underwrite customers based on sales quality and historical eCommerce performance - rather than simply looking at personal credit scores.

So what in the world does that mean? They use software to make smart decisions about who to approve for their two key tools. They will analyze your ecomm business to ensure you are "creditworthy", so to speak, and will make business decisions based on proven financial models.

How does Payability work?

Payability works in two very distinct ways both focused on growing your ecomm business. Their main tool focuses on paying you when your sales are happening vs the traditional 14-day waiting period most marketplaces make you wait.

The second tool focuses on helping you get cash when your business is growing quickly. This "Capital Advance" tool helps you get the money you need, typically within 24-48 hours, so you can reinvest in product or marketing to help your ecomm business grow.

The third tool is their Seller Card. This is a Payability branded Visa card, with a 2% back offer, that helps you mitigate the costs incurred for utilizing the Accelerated Payments feature.

Some of these tools may sound familiar. If you have experience with Amazon, you may have come across their Amazon Loan feature. This is similar to the Capital Advance feature from Payability.

Payoneer, along with some other companies listed below, offer similar products to the Accelerated Payment tool offered by Payability

Payability Compatible Ecomm Sites





How can Payability help you?

Payability is most commonly used for Amazon sellers. As ecomm has become a ubiquitous way for many people to make a living as a side hustle or even a full-time career, Payability has integrated with fast-growing ecomm platforms. Payability can help by getting you paid faster (most ecomm sites only payout every 14 days). Free cash flow can help you ensure your inventory position is strong and will support future growth. According to Profitero, it takes 7 days to recover your rating when a product is out of stock for more than 2 days. Access to cash for new ecomm businesses can be critical to early success and retaining your hard-earned ranking.

In addition, if you are nearing peak seasonality and are short on the cash needed to purchase up to your estimated demand, using Payability's Capital Advance tool can help you meet the supply-demand you expect. You can also use this feature to launch a new product line, or potentially order a longer supply to get better terms or costing with your supplier.

Payability Features

Accelerated Daily Payouts (ADP)

If you hate waiting fourteen days to get paid by the various ecomm platforms out there then Payability's Accelerated Daily Payouts (ADP) are the right solution for you. You get paid 80% of your gross sales every day vs having to wait. At the end of 14 days, when you would regularly get paid, Payability will pay you the remaining balance (minus returns, etc.).

Capital Advance

If your ecomm business is booming and you need cash fast then take advantage of Payability's Capital Advance feature. Based on your sales history Payability will determine what level of Capital Advance you qualify for. Use that cash infusion to buy more products or up your marking levels to accelerate sales further.

Seller Card

This is a Visa card offered by Payability. Each purchase gets you 2% back, which negates the 2% fee associated with the ADP tool.


Cash from your ecomm sales when you need it

Opportunity to lean into product growth

No credit check


Cost can eat into margins if they are slim

30 day lead time to close an account

Payability Alternatives

How to get started with Payability

Getting started with Payability is one of the best things about what they have to offer. The application process is quick and straightforward. Getting an answer happens within 24-48 hours and the qualifications are straightforward.

ADP - You need 2 months of sales data and $2,000 in average monthly sales to qualify

Capital Advance - You need 10 months of sales data and $10,000 in average monthly sales

Other things to consider

During my review of Payability, I came across some not-so-positive reviews and articles about the company that I'd like to address. I think these posts and articles give Payability a bad name and I think that is unfair. In most, if not all, cases these things could be chalked up to someone not know what they signed up for. Because I read about that confusion I'm here to dispel and elaborate on some of the negative feedback that Payability has received.

Accelerated Daily Payouts

Signing up for ADP means you are paying 2% of your GROSS sales. If your product has a low margin, is easily damaged while shipping, or has a high return rate for some reason then I would consider other options because that 2% on gross will be quite a bit higher than your realized sales amount. In that case, Payability might not be for you.

Roll over balances

One extreme case I read about included a seller that was selling hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Their Amazon account was put on hold and they incurred a huge fee from Payability. Why, you might ask? Well, Payability paid this partner with the expectation that they would get paid at the end of the traditional 14-day window. Because Amazon put their account on hold, the person wasn't getting paid, and yet, they had already received money from Payability. Payability has a fee structure in place to ensure they are compensated in a circumstance like this. They are giving you money before they are getting paid, if you aren't paying them on time, then you should expect to incur some type of fee as a result. The key here is to understand the contract you sign with Payability.

I reached out to Payability to see what they had to say about this confusion. Their reply was one of understanding and a desire to improve. I was told a solution for this is on "our roadmap to fix". If I could make a suggestion to playability here, I would say that if someone has a hold on their Amazon account they should be able to pay directly out of their own pocket so they don't incur additional fees while also not selling on Amazon. That is a double whammy that really hurts.

I found their reply to be honest and forthcoming with a desire to improve their customer's experience while protecting the risks they are taking. I believe that is fair for any business.

30 Days to Close Account

If you want to find a different way to fund your ecomm business make sure to give yourself 30 days to exit Payability

7-Day Trial

This doesn't mean FREE! It just means you don't have to go another 30 days to cancel your partnership with Payability. You will still incur the 2% fee on gross sales.

Confusing Contract

I have two things to say here 1) if you are signing a contract and have started a business, pay a lawyer to read it over! 2) unless you understand how to read a contract and can fully grasp what is included within the contract

Vanishing Payments

I can't personally attest to vanishing payments, but I know that I track my business's performance every day. If I had an ecomm business I would know how to track my gross sales and double-check the work of Payability and their platform. Don't just leave your money in the hands of someone else and rely on them to be a good steward of it. Own your business, understand and track your business metrics, and don't get mad at Payability go prove them wrong with your own data.


Payability is a great option for many ecomm sellers. Make sure to read the fine print (or have a lawyer do it) so you have a clear understanding of what you are getting into.

The Big Reveal!

If you are an ecomm seller and interested in getting started with Payability, click here, follow my link and get a $250 sign-on rebate for being a reader of The Saving Dude.

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