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I've used and tested a ton of different personal finance products in my journey. Below are some of the best products I've come across for saving money, making money, making sense of your money, and so on. 

If there is anything missing from this list you think I should add, shoot me an email, and I'll take a look.


Disclosure: Some of the links below are for affiliates. I might make a little cash should you use a link and sign up. This doesn't cost you anything and is the only way I make any money from running this blog. Rest assured, all of the products below I have either used personally or thoroughly tested to ensure I'm giving you the best recommendations possible.

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Save Money!

Swag Surveys.PNG

Swagbucks is a great way to save and make money with very little effort. I suggest you give it a shot today. They offer a browser plugin that will save you money immediately.

PocketSmith Home Page.PNG

PocketSmith is the best budgeting tool we have ever reviewed. The tool has been around a while and their team has built out a very robust and easy to use system. Click here to learn more.


CIT Bank offers amazing high yield savings accounts. Their customer service is amazing along with their app. Huge fan!

Airport Parking.PNG

In 2020 travel was really hurting, but as we move into 2021 and beyond I bet you have a need/desire to travel. Airport Parking will give you $5 off by following this link and using the code "HONEY5"

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