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I'm Alex

What about me?

I'm here to write about an approach to personal finance focused on your net worth and growing that figure over time. Over the last  years, my wife and I have been able to grow our net worth by over $1M (on fairly average midwestern salaries). What's great about our journey is we didn't track every penny, or eat Ramen every day. We simply reviewed our net worth every month or so to see if our behaviors the past month aligned with our financial goals (growing our net worth and retiring comfortably). If they did, we stayed the course, and if not we identified where adjustments needed to be made and we made them.

My family and I are just a normal Midwestern family working our day jobs, saving some money, working hard to create enough personal wealth to do the things in life that are fun for us. Follow The Saving Dude to hear more about that journey.

The Basics

  • I went to a local college and got a degree in Psychology

  • I never really had a personal finance plan until my girlfriend (and now lovely wife) pointed out I needed one

  • I began by tracking the basics of my net worth because tracking my daily income and expenses was way to time consuming

  • After years working in corporate America I decided I wanted to try out blogging and see if people were interested in my story and if I could turn this into my new career

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