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Site Net Worth - November 2021

Calculating our site net worth every month is fun. I enjoy reviewing progress and correcting course to ensure we are making progress toward our goals (hint: its making personal finance easier to understand, learning about new products, and making a little money in the process).

October and November turned into a time of relaxation and reflection upon how The Saving Dude is performing and whether or not this "side hustle" is something I'm still passionate about. In short, yes I'm still passionate about building a community where peole can come and easily understand some complicated personal finance topics.

During Oct/Nov we have been testing whether or not Facebook ads can drive traffic and increase our following. I'll write more about our findings in a future post (spoiler! it helped).

Over the coming months we will try and kick things back into gear. Below I've included some of the best products I've reviewed (and personally use each of them).

Favorite Products:

MyConstant - P2P lending platform, yes they paid me, but I've since used their platform and continue to earn interest on that payment

Personal Capital - a great way to learn about personal finance topics (other than here at The Saving Dude!:)

Swagbucks - I still use their plug-in every day to earn Swaggo and get discounts all across the internet

Fiverr - I'm active on Fiverr and use the blog to help build my writing credibility and profile

The Details:

Net Worth - ($ 29.86) We spent another $30 on ads and made $ 0.14 so the delta is a net negative. It's all good, small cost to test out some things and gain knowledge about how to monetize the site.

Total Hours Spent: 0 hours

Articles Written: 0

We never really got this turned around for quite a few months in a row. So we took some time to relax and refresh out intent.

Income Breakdown: Trending down

$0.14 - Google Adsense

$0.00 - Affiliate Income

$0.00 - Other

Alexa Site Ranking: 844,472 - Solid work here, mostly driven by Facebook ads. Clearly they work to bring traffic, but now we need to turn that traffic into regular readers which leads to regular incoe for th site.

2021 Goals:

  1. Get the site Alexa score down below 500k

  2. Have one month where I write over 15 articles

  3. Make more than $50/month from affiliate partners


$30 - advertising on Facebook


October, and more so November again showed us the power of advertising. Now we need to turn that advertising into income or it is a waste.

Now go out, set up your own blog, and try to turn it into a side hustle just like me!

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