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Financial Assistance at the Touch of a Button

For the first time ever at The Saving Dude we have a guest writer. Dean Burgess of contributed the following article.

Financial Assistance at the Touch of a Button

Have you ever been thrust into panic mode because you couldn't find your bank statement? Are you having difficulty organizing your personal and business finances efficiently? Do you wish you had access to all your financial information in one place? Welcome to the world of personal finance apps.

Choosing the Right App

Before choosing an app, there are certain things to consider. First, what exactly is it designed to do? Is it able to integrate all your accounts, or does it only allow you to use it with one account?

If you want an app that offers quick and easy access, look for one that's easy to navigate. Does it provide any particular features or tools, such as expense tracking and savings tips? Most importantly, is it secure, and what technical support is available?

The Benefits of a Financial App

Having your financial details close at hand saves you from searching at the last minute for those critical financial documents, and there's nothing easier to access than a smartphone that sits in your purse or pants pocket. Here are some other benefits.

Efficient organization of your finances. These apps allow you to monitor your income and expenses, helping you organize your personal and business finances.

Improved accounting. An essential part of any personal finance app is its accounting capabilities. Features you expect to see are a general ledger, payable and receivable accounts, and bank reconciliation. More advanced apps may include professional tools, such as sales tax compliance and cash management.

Gain confidence. Most people worry about money at some point. Using a personal finance app can increase your confidence. You'll better understand your spending and debt, which allows you to budget more effectively.

Meet your financial goals. These apps provide a helping hand when you're attempting to meet your financial goals as they can give you an idea of your progress. Some even allow you to receive monthly emails to remind you of the impact of your financial decisions.

Fewer errors. Financial errors can be costly. A personal finance app allows you to view previous transactions to help you spot mistakes. The earlier you catch them, the less effect they'll have on your business or personal life.

Residents of Lincoln, Nebraska, can access a website that provides a wealth of information and assistance regarding financial assistance and other topics.

Keeping Track of Individual Bank Accounts

If you have multiple bank accounts, a personal finance app can be invaluable in keeping transactions straight. If you're a business owner, it's especially important to keep business and personal finances separate if you've formed an LLC or corporation, as commingling funds could result in you losing your liability protection and being held liable for any company debts or lawsuits.

Your Personal Friend

Whether it's about keeping track of your spending, seeing how close you are to your goals, or saving money for yourself or your business, consider a personal financial app as a personal friend that can help with all these concerns.

For advice on building your net worth, visit The Saving Dude.

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