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PocketSmith App review: good, not great, companion app

PocketSmith is an awesome budgeting tool with a ton of features. This PocketSmith app review will focus on just the companion app and my experience using it.

PocketSmith App review

The PocketSmith app is an amazing companion. It offers all the same features you find in the desktop version, only in your pocket. The visuals are easy to view and mobile optimized. The setup is a bit trickier than I would have expected, but once you are in you don't have to worry about that again. All-in-all this is a great addition to an already outstanding budgeting tool.

How to get started with PocketSmith's app, Sidekick

Getting setup with PocketSmith's app is a bit harder than I would have expected. I signed up for PocketSmith on my computer and used the "Sign In with Google" tool. When I tried to log into the app with my Google credentials it didn't work. So if you plan to use the app in conjunction with the web version I would suggest just using your email and setting up a password.

PocketSmith App
PocketSmith App

They call the app the "Sidekick".

PocketSmith Sidekick
PocketSmith Sidekick

PocketSmith App Dashboard
PocketSmith App Dashboard

What's great about the app is that it is fully featured. That means you can do everything on the app that you could do on the web-based version. Take a look at the images below to get a sense of how the PocketSmith App compares to the web-based version.

Who can benefit from using Pocketsmith?

Anyone can benefit from using PocketSmith, but there are a few specific types of people that will benefit more than others. Those interested in taking full control of their finances and those with more personal finance information than they know how to manage.

Taking full control

If you are ready to take over your financial life the PocketSmith is the tool for you. You can actively manage your day-to-day spending and pour over every detail. Your financial present and financial future will be in great hands with the robust toolset offered.

Too much information

For those of you that have acquired more financial responsibility than you can manage on your own PocketSmith is a great tool to keep you organized. In addition, you might want to consider a financial analyst. PocketSmith can combine data from 12,000 different accounts (it has that many integrations) so no matter how many financial accounts you have acquired PocketSmith can combine them all and help you manage.


If PocketSmith sounds like the type of tool you can use, click here, and get your account set up if you haven't already.

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