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Ways to save money each week: week 6 & 7

Finding ways to save money each week is a new goal for our family.

I read about a few new ways to save money that we will be trying out in the future.

Total Savings: $450

Ways to save money: 1

This was a physically tough two weeks. We took a staycation during week 6 and did some yard work. The mulch pile you see above was moved, by hand, over the course of about 6 hours during day 3 of the staycation. We are having some landscaping work done, work that I don't have the skill to complete myself, and we asked him to quote us on adding some mulch and rock. His price was a bit high for my taste so I decided to take the work on myself. We saved a few hundred bucks in the process, but boy was I tired at the end.

During week 7 we got the first of two COVID shots. That really wore us out. Had to take a nap over lunch the second day and ended up going to bed quite early a few nights in a row. At least we didn't spend any extra money as a result, so that's a bonus I guess.

If you are keeping track at home here are the ways to save money we have taken advantage of:

  • Take on a painting project (or any house project for that matter)

  • Cancel a subscription

  • Clear our your freezer, fridge, cupboards and skip going to the grocery store

  • Order out less

  • Don't upgrade your cell phone until you absolutely have to

  • Trade-in old electronics

  • Postpone projects until they are a must

  • Work from home

  • Use old rebates on gift cards

  • Focus on your grocery bill and menu

  • Do the manual labor yourself!

Let me know what ways you are saving money!

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