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Monarch Money vs. Tiller Money: A Comprehensive Comparison for Modern Budgeting

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

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Monarch Money vs Tiller Money

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The universe of personal finance has seen a significant transformation with the advent of user-friendly digital tools. At the forefront of this revolution are Monarch Money and Tiller Money, two outstanding budgeting apps that have redefined money management.

This article dives deep and compares Monarch Money vs Tiller Money, providing an insightful comparison to help you choose the one that suits your needs best.

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The Allure of Monarch Money

Founded by an experienced team passionate about financial literacy, Monarch Money came into existence to simplify budgeting and money management. This budgeting software offers several key features that have become integral to modern financial planning.

Monarch Money's Features:

  • Budgeting: Monarch Money is renowned for its zero-based budgeting. It enables users to allocate every dollar of income, ensuring no money is wasted.

  • Transaction Tracking: Transactions across multiple accounts can be tracked with ease, offering a complete view of income and expenditure.

  • Investment Monitoring: Monarch Money enables users to keep an eye on their investment portfolios, bridging the gap between everyday expenses and long-term financial planning.

  • Debt Management: With a clear view of all debt obligations, Monarch Money supports effective debt reduction strategies.

  • Goals and Planning: Monarch Money allows users to set and track financial goals, promoting proactive money management.

A Close Look at Tiller Money

Tiller Money, a game-changer in the personal finance arena, is known for its innovative integration with Google Sheets and Excel. This allows users to leverage the power of spreadsheet budgeting, providing customization and control like never before.

Tiller Money's Features:

  • Budgeting: Tiller Money offers a dynamic and flexible approach to budgeting, with multiple pre-built templates available for use.

  • Transaction Tracking: The platform automatically updates Google Sheets with daily expenses and income, providing an updated overview of financial status.

  • Financial Spreadsheets: Tiller Money stands out for its seamless integration with Google Sheets, enabling powerful and customizable spreadsheet budgeting.

  • Debt Management: It offers tools for planning debt payoff strategies, helping users become debt-free faster.

  • Automation: Tiller Money auto-updates spreadsheets, providing real-time insights into personal finance.

Monarch Money and Tiller Money Head-to-Head

In the quest for the best budgeting app, a detailed comparison of Monarch Money and Tiller Money can provide clarity.

Interface and User Experience

While both platforms provide intuitive interfaces, Monarch Money presents a more structured approach to budgeting, thanks to its zero-based budgeting system. On the other hand, Tiller Money offers flexibility, letting users customize their Google Sheets to their heart's content.

Budgeting Capabilities

Monarch Money shines with its meticulous allocation of every dollar, promoting responsible spending habits. Tiller Money, meanwhile, provides flexibility and control with its variety of spreadsheet templates, catering to a wide range of budgeting needs.

Financial Planning Tools

Monarch Money's ability to monitor investments adds a holistic dimension to financial planning. Tiller Money stands out with its daily auto-update feature, ensuring users have the latest financial information at their fingertips.


Monarch Money enables users to connect various financial accounts, providing a comprehensive overview of finances. Tiller Money takes integration a step further, allowing users to incorporate their personal finance management into Google Sheets.

Pricing and Value for Money

Both Monarch Money and Tiller Money offer reasonable pricing structures. Monarch Money charges a flat annual fee, while Tiller Money operates on a monthly subscription basis. The value for money depends on individual user needs and how extensively they utilize the tools.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like all financial tools, both Monarch Money and Tiller Money have their pros and cons.

Pros of Monarch Money:

  • Efficient zero-based budgeting

  • Comprehensive financial view

  • User-friendly interface

Cons of Monarch Money:

  • Limited customization compared to spreadsheet budgeting

  • Lack of real-time update feature

Pros of Tiller Money:

  • Highly customizable spreadsheet budgeting

  • Automatic daily updates of financial transactions

  • Seamless integration with Google Sheets

Cons of Tiller Money:

  • Steeper learning curve due to spreadsheet use

  • Absence of investment tracking


Both Monarch Money and Tiller Money offer robust features for personal finance management. While Monarch Money excels with its zero-based budgeting and comprehensive financial view, Tiller Money impresses with its customization and daily updates.

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