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Tiller Money vs YNAB: A Comprehensive Comparison

Tiller Money vs YNAB: A Comprehensive Comparison

July 23, 2020



Tiller Money vs YNAB

Table of Contents:

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Pros and Cons

Feature Summary:


Tiller Money


Budgeting Approach

Customizable, Spreadsheet-based


Transaction Tracking

Automated, Customizable categorization

Automated, Simpler categorization

User Interface

Spreadsheet interface, Highly customizable

Clean and intuitive, Less customizable

Sync Across Devices

Via Google Sheets/Excel Apps

Real-time syncing

Customer Support

Robust support

Robust support, Extensive resources, Active community

Integration with Financial Services

Broad integration

Broad integration


Bank-level security

Bank-level security


Effective budgeting in personal finance is a key aspect of successful money management. Today, an abundance of personal finance software is available, offering unique features to help streamline the process. Two of the most popular tools are Tiller Money and YNAB (You Need a Budget). But how do you decide which one is right for you? This article aims to provide a comprehensive comparison of Tiller Money and YNAB, helping you make an informed decision.

We'll walk you through a complete Tiller Money review and a detailed YNAB review, discussing their key features, pricing plans, user experiences, and more. Our comparison will also dive into the specifics of each platform’s integration with other financial tools and services.

It’s not just about "Which is better, Tiller Money or YNAB?" It's about which tool is the right fit for your unique financial needs and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for zero-based budgeting software, automated budgeting software, or spreadsheet-based budgeting software, this article will guide you on how to choose the best budgeting software. If you want to know more about budgeting, check out our Budgeting Guide. Let's get started!

Tiller Money: More Than Just a Spreadsheet

Tiller Money is a budgeting and personal finance tool that offers unique, flexible features. As software that operates on the Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel platforms, it has won the hearts of spreadsheet enthusiasts looking for full control over their budgeting.

Key Features and Benefits of Tiller Money

  • Automated transaction tracking and categorization: Tiller Money pulls transactions from your accounts daily and categorizes them for you. It also provides an auto-categorization feature that learns from your inputs.

  • Customizable budgeting templates: Whether you prefer a zero-based budget, an envelope budget, or you want to create your own budgeting system, Tiller Money's customizable templates make it possible.

  • Spreadsheet-based interface: The power of Tiller lies in its spreadsheet-based design which integrates with Google Sheets and Excel. You can tweak and adjust every detail to your liking, providing total control over your budget.

  • Bank-level security and privacy: Tiller Money takes security seriously. It uses 256-bit AES encryption, the same level of protection used by major banking institutions.

User Experience and Ease of Use

Despite being a spreadsheet-based budgeting software, Tiller Money doesn't require you to be a spreadsheet expert. It offers pre-built templates, easy categorization, and automation to make the process straightforward and enjoyable.

Integration with Other Financial Tools and Services

Tiller Money can be used with your existing financial apps and software. You can export your data to another application, making it a flexible option for those already using other tools.

Pricing Plans and Affordability

Tiller Money comes with a free 30-day trial, after which it costs $79 per year. This flat fee includes all features and benefits, making it an affordable option for those seeking a comprehensive budgeting solution.

Here is their current pricing (August 2023):

TillerHR Pricing

If you're considering signing up, it's worth checking out their official Tiller Money sign up link for the latest offers.

YNAB: A Proactive Approach to Personal Finance

You Need a Budget, better known as YNAB, is a budgeting app designed to help users take a proactive approach to personal finance. It promotes the "Give Every Dollar a Job" philosophy, where every dollar in your account is assigned a purpose, aligning with the zero-based budgeting approach.

Key Features and Benefits of YNAB

  • Zero-based budgeting approach: YNAB encourages you to budget only the money you have, allocating each dollar to specific categories. This approach prevents overspending and helps achieve financial goals faster.

  • Real-time syncing across devices: YNAB syncs across all devices in real-time. Whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone, you can always have a clear picture of your budget.

  • Goal tracking and debt management tools: YNAB offers powerful goal tracking and debt management tools to help you save for the future or pay off existing debts.

  • Educational resources and support: YNAB shines in this aspect, providing extensive learning resources including online workshops, blogs, podcasts, and a supportive community.

User Experience and Ease of Use

YNAB offers a clean, intuitive user interface, making the process of budgeting less daunting for beginners. While it may have a slight learning curve due to its unique budgeting approach, the available resources make the transition smoother.

Integration with Other Financial Tools and Services

YNAB integrates with thousands of banks and financial institutions. It also offers the option to import transactions manually or via file-based import for those who prefer it.

Pricing Plans and Affordability

YNAB offers a 34-day free trial. YNAB operates on a subscription model. While prices may vary based on offers and promotions, it remains competitive in the market of budgeting tools.

Here is current pricing for YNAB (August 2023):

YNAB Pricing

Occasionally, YNAB provides special discounts or trial periods for newcomers, making it even more enticing. For the latest pricing and offers, it's best to visit the official YNAB sign up page.

Tiller Money and YNAB: A Side-by-Side Comparison

When considering Tiller Money vs YNAB, it's essential to look beyond just the surface level features and delve into their methodologies, interface, and more. Here, we compare and contrast these two budgeting tools in multiple aspects:

Budgeting Approach and Methodology

While Tiller Money offers flexibility with customizable spreadsheet-based budgeting, YNAB follows a strict zero-based budgeting system. Tiller is perfect for those who want full control over their budgeting method, while YNAB is great for those needing a structured budgeting framework.

User Interface and Customization Options

Tiller's interface is essentially a Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheet, which provides unlimited customization. On the other hand, YNAB's interface is more straightforward, offering clean, intuitive navigation with less customization.

Transaction Tracking and Categorization Accuracy

Both tools provide automated transaction tracking, but their categorization accuracy depends on user inputs. Tiller offers greater customization in categorization, while YNAB focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

Mobile App Functionality and User Experience

YNAB has a fully functional mobile app that syncs across devices, allowing you to budget on the go. Tiller, being spreadsheet-based, doesn't have its own app but is accessible via Google Sheets or Excel apps.

Customer Support and Community Engagement

Both platforms have robust customer support, but YNAB also offers extensive educational resources and a very active user community.

Integration with Financial Institutions and Services

Tiller and YNAB both offer broad integration with financial institutions and other financial tools and services.

Security and Privacy Measures

Both tools use bank-level security measures to ensure your data is secure.

User Reviews and Testimonials

For an unbiased perspective, let's turn to the users of Tiller Money and YNAB and hear about their experiences:

Feedback from Tiller Money Users

"As a spreadsheet junkie, Tiller Money is a dream come true. I love the flexibility and control it gives me over my budget." - Tiller User
"Tiller Money's automated tracking has made budgeting a breeze. Plus, their security measures give me peace of mind." - Tiller User

Feedback from YNAB Users

"YNAB has completely changed my approach to budgeting. I've never felt more in control of my finances." - YNAB User
"I appreciate the real-time syncing across devices and the fantastic educational resources. The YNAB community is also a big plus!" - YNAB User.

Wrapping Up: Tiller Money vs YNAB

Our in-depth comparison of Tiller Money vs YNAB highlights the strengths and limitations of each tool. Tiller Money offers flexibility and control, ideal for spreadsheet enthusiasts who crave customization. YNAB, on the other hand, offers a streamlined, goal-oriented budgeting approach with real-time syncing across devices and excellent educational resources.

So, how do you choose the best budgeting software for you? It depends on your personal needs and preferences:

  • If you love spreadsheets and desire flexibility and control, Tiller Money could be a great fit.

  • If you prefer a structured approach with real-time tracking and an active community, YNAB might be the right choice.

Final Words: Finding the Right Budgeting Tool

Finding the right budgeting tool can dramatically improve your financial health. Whether it's Tiller Money or YNAB, the critical aspect is choosing a tool that aligns with your lifestyle and financial goals. Hopefully, this comparison has given you insights into the pros and cons of Tiller Money and pros and cons of YNAB to help make that choice easier.

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