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Why is the sky blue? Why do dogs eat grass? Why start a personal finance blog? Why now?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Why start a personal finance blog? Because my life has been a wonderful journey with a vast number of experiences and I want to share what I have learned with my readers. I feel a profound sense of joy as I teach, discuss, and learn from others. So this blog will focus on portions of that journey where I believe I can have a positive impact on my community; personal finance, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, retirement planning, real estate and house flipping, student loans, side hustles, and career advice just to name a few.

I believe that anyone can start a blog, talk about things that are interesting to them, and through the power of affiliate marketing can create financial independence along the way. This blog will focus on precisely that, a path toward financial freedom while writing/talking about the things that matter to you! As I travel down this path and learn of new/innovative ways to create additional revenue streams from this blog I will 100% share that information with my audience. I want to share my success with them, learn from their success, and help this community execute on their why.

Unlike many other personal finance bloggers I didn’t pay off some enormous amount of debt in a year/month/week. I don’t have a finance degree. I have had a long journey with my finances. There was a time where I didn’t care what my finances looked like. When all that mattered was getting my paycheck, spending it, and waiting 13.5 days until my next paycheck so I would have a little spending money again.

The main financial success that I can hang my hat on has taken nearly three years. In that time my wife and I have increased our net worth by over $250,000. That is something I’m very proud of and a journey I will share here. It has been a slow and steady process, but something that didn’t require eating ramen every day, or living in a van, or never going on a trip. It just required some tracking, a little bit of hard work, and a focus on our goals.

To sum up this first, of hopefully many, blog posts I will be sharing what I have learned through my personal finance journey in an effort to maybe help someone else set their own successful course. Along the way we might touch on a few other topics, but we will try and keep the focus on personal finance most of the time. In addition, we will tie in affiliate marketing concepts to monetize the blog. What I learn from that experience will also be a key focus of the blog.

It would be an honor if you were to follow me. If you have topics you’d be interested in learning more about let me know.

P.S. Why is the sky blue? The short answer is that when light hits the gasses in Earth's atmosphere they are scattered in all directions. Blue is most prevalent because it has shorter smaller waves. P.S.S Why do dogs eat grass? The short answer is Pica, or a disorder that causes dogs to eat things that aren't food. The longer answer can be found here.

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