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Ways to save money each week: week 5

Finding ways to save money each week is a new goal for our family.

This past week included Easter Sunday so we ended up spending more than we usually would get some decorations, candy, etc. On the other side of the coin, we did save some money and make our lives easier in one key way, DINNER!

Total Savings: $20

Ways to save money: 1

This week we took some of our own advice from a previous column on ways to save money on groceries. We made tacos on Tuesday and ended up eating tacos, burritos, and taco salads for a few more days. Buying bulk and easy meal prep were awesome leading up to Easter weekend where we had more going on than usual.

There weren't a lot of other ways we saved money this week, but like I've said before, there aren't always ways to save money each week.

If you are keeping track at home here are the ways to save money we have taken advantage of:

  • Take on a painting project (or any house project for that matter)

  • Cancel a subscription

  • Clear our your freezer, fridge, cupboards and skip going to the grocery store

  • Order out less

  • Don't upgrade your cell phone until you absolutely have to

  • Trade-in old electronics

  • Postpone projects until they are a must

  • Work from home

  • Use old rebates on gift cards

  • Focus on your grocery bill and menu

Let me know what ways you are saving money!

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