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Ways to save money each week: week 4

Finding ways to save money each week is a new goal for our family.

Some weeks we find a ton of ways to save more money, or at least to avoid spending what we have. Other weeks we are just happy that we aren't spending beyond our means, are able to pay our bills, and save for our future. Week 4 was one of those weeks where a ton of savings weren't found, but we are still on track to hit all our saving and retirement goals none-the-less.

Total Savings: $58

Ways to save money: 2

Operation Kitchen is still underway, slowly, but still underway. We are spending the next few months planning out each part of the remodel and how we are going to tackle them all financially. Remodeling a kitchen is a huge undertaking, can cost a lot of money and is something we want to plan for and do correctly. This remodel will occur in our "forever home" so we want everything just the way we like it.

So, all the work we are putting in right now should pay off in the end with substantial savings on Operation Kitchen.

Some ways we have "saved" money this week include using an old Menard's rebate to buy the materials we needed for a current project. We also used an old gift card to order out on Saturday night.

We had to replace an old door hinge so saved $8 at Menard's on that project. Then we spent $50 on dinner for three at Olive Garden with the old gift card I mentioned. What's great is that dinner for three on Saturday night also turned into a nice lunch on Sunday and we still have some salad leftover, bonus!

Old gift cards are definitely something we are bad about using. My preference is to use them right away or then get tucked away and forgotten, but sometimes that doesn't happen around here. So, if you are looking for a good way to save money this week, see if you can find some old gift cards and a good way to use them.

If you are keeping track at home here are the ways to save money we have taken advantage of:

  • Take on a painting project (or any house project for that matter)

  • Cancel a subscription

  • Clear our your freezer, fridge, cupboards and skip going to the grocery store

  • Order out less

  • Don't upgrade your cell phone until you absolutely have to

  • Trade-in old electronics

  • Postpone projects until they are a must

  • Work from home

  • Use old rebates on gift cards

Let me know what ways you are saving money!

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