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Ways to save money each week: week 3

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Finding ways to save money each week is a new goal for our family. This week wasn't quite as successful as last week, but a step in the right direction none-the-less.

Total Savings: $520

Ways to save money: 2

We are planning something we lovingly call Operation Kitchen (you can probably guess what that is) and this week we saved some money by NOT doing something we really wanted to get done.

If you recall from last week, I painted our kitchenette and saved over $300. We planned to paint the ceiling and update the lighting in that area but found out that our built-in desk was actually a structural necessity requiring a change that could impact the ceiling and lighting in our kitchenette. As a result, we didn't update the light, nor paint the ceiling (I was actually going to pay someone this time.

This saved us over $200 on the lighting and $300 on the painting. Now, at some point these costs will be rolled back into Operation Kitchen, but for now, we avoided the expense.

This is a bit of a stretch, but right now we are working from home and not commuting. This is saving us about $20/week on gas and much more on vehicle wear and tear.

If you are keeping track at home here are the ways to save money we have taken advantage of over the last two weeks:

  • Take on a painting project (or any house project for that matter)

  • Cancel a subscription

  • Clear our your freezer, fridge, cupboards and skip going to the grocery store

  • Order out less

  • Don't upgrade your cell phone until you absolutely have to

  • Trade-in old electronics

  • Postpone projects until they are a must

  • Work from home

Let me know what ways you are saving money!

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