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Ways to save money each week: week 2

Finding ways to save money each week is a new goal for our family. This week was particularly successful.

Total Savings: $455.99

Ways to save money: 3

I spent a ton of time painting again this week. Which is par for the course. We bought a house knowing it needed a ton of work and we've put ourselves to the test by tackling new projects all the time.

Based on a quote we received a few months ago that job would have been about $350, so we saved $350 on me spending a few hours painting over the weekend.

We also skipped a week of grocery shopping. While it was a struggle to put together meals with the random assortment of stuff we had in our fridge, freezer, and pantry, we made it work and saved $100 on groceries this week.

The last thing we saved on was cutting Paramount +, which was $5.99/month. This isn't a huge saving each week or month, at the end of the year that will save us $71.88. Take that number times 30 years and you get $2,156.40, which will definitely buy a really fancy dinner during retirement.

If you are keeping track at home here are the ways to save money we have taken advantage of over the last two weeks:

  • Take on a painting project (or any house project for that matter)

  • Cancel a subscription

  • Clear our your freezer, fridge, cupboards and skip going to the grocery store

  • Order out less

  • Don't upgrade your cell phone until you absolutely have to

  • Trade-in old electronics

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