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Toshl Finance App Review [2023]: A Comprehensive Look at This Unique App

Toshl App
Toshl App

Toshl Finance is a personal finance app designed to help users manage their money and achieve their financial goals.

In this comprehensive Toshl review, we'll dive deep into its features, pricing, and user experience to determine if it's the right tool for your budgeting, financial planning, and money management needs.

Getting Started with Toshl Finance

Account Creation and Setup Process

Setting up a Toshl account is quick and easy. Users can sign up using their email or a social media account. After signing up, Toshl provides a guided tour to help users connect their bank accounts, import transactions, and set up budgets.

Connecting Bank Accounts and Importing Transactions

With Toshl, users can link multiple bank accounts and import transactions automatically. Toshl supports over 14,000 banks worldwide and offers manual import options for unsupported banks. The app automatically updates transactions daily and allows users to track cash expenses by adding them manually.

Security and Data Privacy Features

Toshl takes user security and privacy seriously, utilizing bank-level encryption to protect sensitive data. The app employs a read-only connection to bank accounts, ensuring that users' funds remain untouched. Toshl also complies with GDPR and other privacy regulations to protect user information.

Toshl Finance Features

Toshl Riverflow Feature
Toshl Riverflow Feature


Toshl has some pretty wicked visuals for those of us that ingest data that way (I certainly do). Riverflow shows you where your money comes in and where it flows out. Check out the image above to see what that looks like. The larger the outflow, the more you are spending in a certain category. Pretty neat.

Toshl Locations Feature
Toshl Locations Feature


This is another great feature for visual learners. If you want to know what parts are town are really draining your bank account, I'm thinking of bars, malls, etc. This feature will help you know where your money is going, and if you can help it, then you can avoid those places!

Expense Tracking and Categorization

Toshl simplifies expense tracking by automatically categorizing transactions and enabling custom categories and tags. Users can easily monitor their spending habits and analyze their expenses across various categories.

Budgeting Tools

Toshl offers robust budgeting tools to help users take control of their finances. Users can create recurring or one-time budgets and track their actual spending against budgeted amounts. Toshl's visual budgeting features make it easy to understand and adjust spending habits.

Financial Reports and Insights

Toshl provides insightful financial reports to give users a comprehensive view of their financial health. Reports include income vs. expense analysis, net worth tracking, and graphical representations of spending trends. These insights empower users to make informed financial decisions.

Bill Reminders and Payment Tracking

Never miss a bill payment with Toshl's bill reminders and payment tracking features. Users can set up custom reminders for upcoming bills, track their payment status, and view a chronological list of all bills.

Savings Goals and Planning

With Toshl, users can set up savings goals and create plans to achieve them. The app helps users track their progress and adjust their budget to meet their savings objectives.

Currency Support and Exchange Rate Tracking

Toshl supports over 200 currencies and offers real-time exchange rate tracking, making it an excellent tool for travelers and individuals with international finances.

Toshl Medici - Automatic Bank Syncing (Premium Feature)

Toshl Medici is a premium feature that offers automatic bank syncing, eliminating the need for manual transaction updates.

Toshl Finance Pricing and Plans

Toshl Features
Toshl Features

Free vs. Toshl Pro vs. Toshl Medici

Toshl offers three pricing plans: Free, Toshl Pro, and Toshl Medici. The Free plan includes basic expense tracking and budgeting features, while the Pro and Medici plans offer advanced features such as unlimited budgets, savings goals, and automatic bank syncing with Toshl Medici. Each plan caters to different user needs and budgets, ensuring there's an option for everyone.

Cost Breakdown and Comparison

  • Free: Basic expense tracking and budgeting with limited features

  • Toshl Pro: $2.99/month or $19.99/year, includes unlimited budgets, savings goals, and more

  • Toshl Medici: $4.99/month or $39.99/year, includes all Pro features plus automatic bank syncing

Special Offers and Discounts

Toshl occasionally offers special discounts and promotions for new users or those upgrading their plans. Users can check the Toshl website or subscribe to their newsletter for updates on any available offers.

User Experience and Design

Mobile App Interface (iOS and Android)

Toshl's mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, featuring a clean, intuitive design that makes managing personal finances a breeze. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly access their financial data and make updates on the go.

Web App Interface

The Toshl web app provides an additional platform for users to manage their finances. It offers a similar user experience to the mobile app, with added features such as more detailed financial reports and the ability to import bank statements.

Usability and Navigation

Toshl's straightforward design and layout make it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need. The app offers helpful tooltips and guidance throughout, ensuring users can quickly learn how to use its features.

Customer Support and Resources

Toshl provides a comprehensive help center with articles, guides, and video tutorials, helping users understand how to use the app effectively. Additionally, users can contact Toshl's customer support team via email for personalized assistance.

Pros and Cons of Toshl Finance

Advantages of Using Toshl Finance

  • Intuitive design and user experience

  • Comprehensive budgeting tools and financial insights

  • Supports multiple currencies and real-time exchange rate tracking

  • Robust security and data privacy features

  • Integration with other financial apps

Disadvantages and Limitations

  • Automatic bank syncing only available with the premium Toshl Medici plan

  • Limited budgeting features in the Free plan

  • Some users may find the app's playful design and graphics distracting

Toshl Finance Alternatives

In this section, we will provide a brief overview of each Toshl Finance competitor, discuss their pros and cons, and compare them to Toshl.


Mint is a popular personal finance app offering budgeting, expense tracking, and credit score monitoring.


  • Free to use with no paid plans

  • User-friendly interface

  • Credit score monitoring


  • Limited customization options

  • Ads and upselling attempts

Comparison to Toshl: Mint is a good alternative for users who prioritize a free, comprehensive budgeting tool with credit monitoring. However, Toshl offers more customization and advanced features for users willing to pay for a subscription.

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB is a budgeting app focused on helping users create a proactive budget based on their income and prioritize savings goals.


  • Unique budgeting methodology

  • Strong community support

  • Goal tracking


  • Subscription-based with no free plan

  • Learning curve for new users

Comparison to Toshl: YNAB's budgeting methodology and goal tracking features make it an excellent choice for users who want a more hands-on approach to budgeting. Toshl may be better for users looking for a simpler, more intuitive app with a free plan option.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital combines budgeting with investment and retirement planning tools, targeting users with a focus on wealth management.


  • Comprehensive financial dashboard

  • Investment and retirement planning tools

  • Free financial planning tools


  • Limited budgeting functionality

  • Upselling attempts for advisory services

Comparison to Toshl: Personal Capital is an excellent choice for users focused on investment and retirement planning. However, Toshl's budgeting tools and customization options may be better suited for users primarily interested in budgeting and expense tracking.


PocketSmith is a personal finance app that offers budgeting, expense tracking, and financial forecasting tools.


  • Financial forecasting and "what-if" scenarios

  • Customizable dashboard and reports

  • Supports multiple currencies


  • Subscription-based with limited features in the free plan

  • Steeper learning curve

Comparison to Toshl: PocketSmith's financial forecasting and customization options make it an appealing choice for users looking for a more advanced budgeting tool. Toshl may be a better fit for users seeking a simpler, more intuitive app with a free plan option.


EveryDollar is a budgeting app designed around Dave Ramsey's zero-based budgeting method, helping users allocate every dollar of their income to various spending categories.


  • Zero-based budgeting methodology

  • Clean, user-friendly interface

  • Syncs with the Baby Steps program


  • Limited features in the free version

  • Automatic transaction import only available with a paid subscription

Comparison to Toshl: EveryDollar is a great option for users who follow Dave Ramsey's financial principles and want a budgeting tool aligned with those values. Toshl may be more suitable for users looking for


In summary, Toshl Finance is a powerful personal finance app that offers comprehensive budgeting, expense tracking, and financial insights. Its user-friendly design and robust features make it an excellent choice for individuals looking to take control of their finances and achieve their financial goals. While some users may prefer alternative apps like Mint, YNAB, or Personal Capital, Toshl is a strong contender in the personal finance app market.

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