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Site Net Worth - August 2021

August was an amazing month for The Saving Dude! We made our first "real" income as a site just over a year after launching. This wasn't affiliate income, but it was income nonetheless and an exciting time for everyone involved in the site.

In addition to getting paid for writing, we were able to find a partner that was willing to advertise a Facebook post about their product bringing additional exposure to our site.

Overall, August wasn't our busiest month and definitely not our most successful in spite of the influx of income. It was however a time to reflect about the past year and make plans for where we can go in the latter half of 2021 and into 2022.

We also put together our Year in Review, check it out here.

Favorite Products:

MyConstant - P2P lending platform

Personal Capital - great way to learn about personal finance topics (other than here at The Saving Dude!:)

Swagbucks - I still use their plug-in every day to earn Swaggo and get discounts all across the internet

Fiverr - I'm active on Fiverr and use the blog to help build my writing credibility and profile

The Details:

Net Worth - $50.00

Better than last month, but still not where we want to be month over month.

Total Hours Spent: 6 hours

Poor showing

Articles Written: 1

We will get this turned around

Income Breakdown: Trending down

$0.00 - Google Adsense

$0.00 - Affiliate Income

$50.00 - Other

Alexa Site Ranking: 5,297,910 - Like a huge fall off a cliff situation here! All good, we are doubling down in September

2021 Goals:

  1. Get the site Alexa score down below 500k - had a setback in June and again in July

  2. Have one month where I write over 15 articles - still not getting there

  3. Make more than $50/month from affiliate partners - July was not our first month above this figure




August was bad! In my defense, I was out of town a few weekends in a row, so that hurt my free time to get writing done. We will double our efforts in September and make it our best month yet!

Now go out, set up your own blog, and try to turn it into a side hustle just like me!

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