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Site Net Worth - April 2021

By now you all know why I started The Saving Dude and what we are trying to accomplish. Our monthly net worth reports are how we track progress and growth over time.

April 2021 was another month of positive momentum. From a financial perspective, we didn't make progress, but the site is gaining more visibility on Google, which will ultimately drive more traffic and allow us to convert that traffic to a potential financial gain.

We made some progress on a few fronts. We are pushing more social content, the challenge there is ensuring we provide engaging and meaningful content. If you don't connect with your audience, then there is no reason to post.

Weekly emails were a bit of a fools errand because our email list is so small and all those folks already get notified when I post so why send them additional spam.

Popular Articles:

The Details:

Net Worth - $0.04

We finally got our Adsense account working properly again. Not driving a lot of money, but at least it is something.

Total Hours Spent: 10 hours

We spent a bit more time writing and promoting the blog in April. With the help of my lovely wife I learned a lot about posting to social media. So, trying to make a more concerted effort to post there with any type of update, anecdote, etc. as often as possible.

Articles Written: 4 in April vs 6 in March

A decent mix of software reviews, ways to save, and how we are saving in April.

Income Breakdown:

$0.04 - Google Adsense

$0.00 - Affiliate Income

$0.00 - Other (adding this because I like to think positively)

Alexa Site Ranking: 1,772,879 - Further trending in the right direction. Our ultimate goal before the end of the year is to get down below 500k. The key reason for this number is at that ranking we will be driving organic traffic. This is free traffic and helps us build credibility in the eyes of Google, potential marketing partners, and other sources of revenue like guest writing and speaking.

Here is a quick list of what we are worked on in March with updates:

  1. Write at least 7 articles - almost, we wrote 6

  2. Update more articles for SEO - trending in the right direction

  3. Send weekly emails, click here to sign up - we missed a few weeks, but again, trending in the right direction

Here is a quick list of what we are worked on in April with updates:

  1. Continue sending weekly emails - this really fell off in late April

  2. Mix up our content types - pretty solid performance there

Here is a quick list of what we plan to work on in May:

  1. Create a better cadence for social posting (and potentially add more to our stories)

  2. Mix up our content types

2021 Goals:

  1. Get the site Alexa score down below 500k - trending well for 1/3 of the way through the year

  2. Have one month where I write over 15 articles - still not there yet

  3. Make more than $50/month from affiliate partners - trending backwards



Now go out, set up your own blog, and try to turn it into a side hustle just like me!

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