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Simple Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

It's the holiday season and I want you to know about all the simple ways to earn Amazon gift cards.

If you are wondering how you are going to pay for all the gifts you need to buy this holiday season look no further than the links below to help you get a few extra bucks to buy something nice for your mom, grandma, or significant other.

Most everything on the list below is a fairly easy way to earn Amazon gift cards. You can actually do a few of them all at once to really amp up your gift card earning game. Even if you have all the gifts you already need (good on you for buying early) you can earn Amazon gift cards to buy blank cards and save big toward retirement!

So, bookmark the links below and start earning your Amazon gift cards today. The more you sign up for the better because some of the sites below will only allow you to earn so much each month. Add them all up and I'm sure you can afford something nice.

Simple Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards


If you are a regular reader you know that Swagbucks is a pretty awesome tool for couponing, saving a little money, taking surveys and earning SB, and so much more. This is a reminder that you can also turn those SBs into Amazon gift cards that you can then use to buy gifts for all your loved ones!

2. American Consumer Opinion

Another survey site (there are a ton of them out there, you just have to find them). Sign up is quick and easy. After that, you take some surveys, earn money/credit, and earn Amazon gift cards.

3. Ibotta

Ibotta is cool and different because they offer in-person opportunities to earn points. You can actually go to your local Walmart and earn points on the things you buy there. Unlike many of the options on this list, they aren't asking you to take surveys either.

4. Inbox Dollars

Taking online surveys, playing games, watching videos, does any of this sound like work to you? Not me! Sounds like easy money, or free Amazon gift cards, to me. Inbox Dollars will also send offers straight to your email so it's easy to keep the freebies rolling in.

5. Harris Poll Online

Yeah, that Harris Polls (older folks know what I'm talking about here). They've moved away from the telephone and are now online. Survey sites really love to pay folks with free Amazon gift cards. That's great for those of us who like Amazon.

6. MyPoints

This is a site similar to parts of Swagbucks where you can shop at partner sites and earn points. Points can later be redeemed for Amazon gift cards! A few extras that I like is the ability to find local deals and, in addition to Amazon gift cards, you can earn travel miles. So that's pretty cool

7. Opinion Outpost

Everyone has an opinion! Why not get paid to share it? Opinion Outpost allows you to do that. You can get an Amazon gift card for free by sharing what you think.

8. Prize Rebel

This is exactly like Swagbucks and American Consumer Opinion. After all this research I found a ton of survey sites that offer Amazon gift cards as rewards. In my experience, none of them really have a leg up on the other, it's really just a matter of your preference.

9. Amazon Trade-In

Part of the reason I love writing a blog so much is the new things I learn each time I research an article. I know quite a bit about Amazon but didn't know about this part of their business. Basically, if you have stuff that qualifies (follow the link above to find out what qualifies) you submit it, send it, and get Amazon gift cards.

We did this with our Echo and it was super easy. They give you step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Our Echo was in good condition so we got a $30 Amazon gift card.

10. Product Report Card

This might be the easiest thing you will do all day. Follow the link, sign up, and start taking surveys to get free gift cards Amazon.

11. MyPoints

The first thing I love about this site is you get an Amazon gift card free, just for signing up. They offer coupon codes at a ton of well-known and national chains. You can take surveys to get Amazon gift cars for free. As you shop through their site you earn points that can be used to get Amazon gift cards for free!

This is a very similar tool to Swagbucks without the browser plug-in. A super-easy way to get Amazon gift cards for free.

13. Amazon Credit Card

For those of you who shop a lot on Amazon, they offer a really great rewards program on their credit card. You can use those rewards to earn Amazon gift cards.

  • 3% back and Amazon and Whole Foods

  • 2% at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores

  • 1% back on utilities, rideshare, and all other purchases

  • No Annual Fee!

They also offer payment plans (these come with a slight fee, but introductory purchases have 0% interest). If you are in the market to buy something expensive and want to spread payments out this could be a good strategy. Sign up for the card, buy your big item, and use the 0% fee to split the payments up over the next few months.

Like most credit cards they offer consumer protections, Visa signature perks, and everything else you might expect for a serious credit card company. Pretty solid option for those that shop on Amazon a lot and don't forget about the option to earn an Amazon gift card.

14. Idle Empire

Idle Empire makes it easy for you to earn gift cards quickly. By answering paid surveys, playing games, watching videos (ads), or by testing software you can earn points toward Amazon gift cards and much more.

Marketing companies are always looking for feedback on their products and always looking to get more eyes on what they have to sell. Idle Empire takes advantage of that by giving advertisers a single place to make that happen. What's cool about that is you get to benefit by getting free Amazon gift cards.

15. Shopkick

Shopkick is awesome and ideal for folks that are heavy phone users. Their app is perfect for those who like to shop on their phone. They offer rewards in all the same ways you find on Swagbucks and Idle Empire and in the end, you get credit toward Amazon gift cards or whatever you prefer.

16. InstaGC

The number of websites where you can earn gift cards for shopping online, watching videos, completing surveys, or just searching the web is mind-blowing to me. InstaGC is another site in the same ilk.

In the end:

There are a ton of ways to go out and get free Amazon gift cards for doing little to nothing. I bet if you start now with anyone, or all of these sites, you will have enough gift cards to cover all of your holiday shopping in 2021 (and probably a few birthday gifts as well).

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