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Should I use Facebook or Google to help my blog grow?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Building a blog is hard, like really hard, but anyone can do it with the right mindset and effort. Before all that hard work and determination can help you grow a blog and make money you need a plan. For many that plan involves one very difficult question, should I use Facebook or Google to help my blog grow? Read on to find out my answer to that question.

Before we get in to the growth plan we have implemented at The Saving Dude I want to reassure you we are here to help you grow your blog. I'm trying to do all the leg work for you, besides writing your content. I'm muddling my way through growing a blog, writing about it along the way, and trying to help my audience streamline their path to a killer blog.

What mechanism do you want to use to grow?

Now that you have your initial content written you need to decide how you want the site to grow. For this you have a few options and here we are going to focus on two, Facebook and Google. Determining which of these routes you are going to take will have an impact on your content. For example, if you choose to utilize Facebook as your growth tool of choice you will want to make sure your content has a nice and concise image for posting and drawing in readers. For Google Search on the other hand you are going to want to focus on SEO basics and some more advanced techniques to help tailor your content for how Google Search works. For The Saving Dude we aren't choosing between the two, we are utilizing both in an effort to grow faster.

Why Facebook?

I chose to set up a Facebook page for a few reasons. The first reason is because Millennial Money Man utilized the platform to build his site and following which is now HUGE. He is also one of the main influences and knowledge bases I take advantage of as I try and grow this site. Beyond his focus on side hustles, saving money, making money, which are all great reads by the way, he has quite a bit of content about how he has built up his brand and site, and then turned it into a full time job. His story is pretty amazing and the methods he utilizes are replicable, at least in my opinion. The main focus was his Facebook page, Facebook Ads, and building a robust Facebook community where folks share money saving tips and ideas. So for The Saving Dude we have set up a page and community and as our content grows we will start to run ads to drive folks to the sight and hopefully they like it and come back over and over again.

The second reason I'm growing with Facebook is because you can target your audience to folks that are super interested in what you are writing about. It makes the potential for ad dollars to go really far on the platform. For someone like me who has made his initial investment and doesn't plan to invest any more of my own money I'm going to need my future ad dollars to go far.

Why Google?

Google is still the most powerful search engine in the world. There is a huge amount of information on how to tailor your content (its pretty basic) to get higher in search results and drive more people to your site. One of my favorite sites for affiliate marketing and SEO information is One More Cup of Coffee. This site has been a super valuable resource for me to gain an understanding of how to write specifically for SEO, which is a skill that you should learn for your blog. It is a different writing style that not everyone is adept at and takes some practice, but after a little while I've personally been able to get used to it and think most others can too.

To speak more about why Google, it is a free way to get more traffic to your site. By changing some of the words and phrases you use in your blog posts you can rank higher and get more traffic. Simply put, its free, its pretty easy, and can be super duper effective at getting you a ton of traffic and potential profit.


When it comes to which search/social tools to use to grow your site it is entirely up to you. I personally think that Facebook and Google are the most robust. They aren't the newest and have a ton of competition, but at the same time come with serious advantages that you won't find on Instagram, Snap, Pinterest, etc.

You are always welcome to forge your own path and that can totally work for you. If it does, then more power to you I fully support your success and want the best for all of my readers. I'll continue to write about the path I'm forging and my level of success, or lack there of, so each of you can potentially learn from what I'm doing over here.

If you want to learn more about what I've done to date to get my blog off the ground and building an audience jump over to What it takes to get your affiliate blog started the right way and read about all the steps I've taken so far to get The Saving Dude set up and rolling.

Have you started a blog? What growth efforts are you working on? Are they successful?

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