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Fun gift ideas!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links through which I'm paid. No additional cost to you, more here.


Everyone knows that the holidays are right around the corner. Thought I'd throw out some fun gift ideas that I've recently seen that might help inspire you!

Fun Gifts

For those that want to buy a gag gift, a white elephant gift, or just want to make someone laugh here are a few items you might like.

Bouncy House - This bouncy house from Little Tikes is a great seller! If you have kids this will come in handy at least 10 times a year for the first 10 years of their life. It isn't huge so it can be stored in the garage or storage room in your house. You can use it on birthdays, holidays, family gatherings of all sorts. If you live in a warm climate you can get even more use from it. If you really want to take it to the next level you could totally rent this out on the FB marketplace when it isn't in use.

Skee-Ball Game - This is a super fun toy that you can play on the kitchen table! Its cheap and can prepare you for when we are all allowed back at Chuck E Cheese.

Full Size Skee-Ball - If you want to take it to another level and have some extra space in your house check out this monster! While a bit pricy it totally reflects the real thing and looks stylish with a wide variety of decors.

Household Gifts

For those that want to buy something that they can use around their house or know someone in need of a good house gift here is a list of some items that fit the bidding.

Statue - For those that really want a unique way to decorate their home check out this statue. While this style might not be for the one you love at least it will get your started down the path of finding just the right statue.

Home Gym - Who doesn't want to bulk up during the winter? If you too are stuck at home and looking for something to do, just buy a gym and pump! Seriously though, a home gym, if you have the space, can be a great way to spend your extra time and might actually help us keep to our new year's resolutions. Good luck!

Television - If you are like me and a home gym just isn't your style, then check out the opposite end of the spectrum and buy a TV. Depending on your budget and how much space you have any of the TVs below could work for you or your loved ones. Here are some great deals and some great TVs for you to check out.

Expensive Gifts

For those of you who like to go all out during the holidays, I've got a few great ideas for you!

Full-Size Arcade - This bad boy has over 3,000 games included and can be delivered to your front door! The 22" LED monitor is perfect display for all your arcade desires. You can also customize the artwork on the exterior for an additional $300. While expensive, if you got the dough this could be an amazing addition to any entertaining space.

Jewelry - Jewelry can be considered an investment in certain instances. If you buy a quality diamond or quality gold it is worth holding on to.

Watches - Always a great alternative to jewelry for both men and women. I'm not sure what makes the one I've linked to worth $75,000 and I'm sure that makes sense to someone out there reading, but definitely not me. If I had that kind of cash laying around I'd probably buy a used-car first and then save the rest for a rainy day.

Jukebox - If you have a fun space that needs to liven up a little why not add a touch of nostalgia at the same time. A jukebox can come in all shapes and sizes (cheap and expensive too). Most jukeboxes these days will come with Bluetooth and/or the ability to load songs directly to it. Basically any feature you could want is available on today's jukeboxes.

Replica Lombardi trophy - I legit might buy one of these for myself.

Hot Tub - Want to relax during the long holiday season? What better way than in your very own hot tub? Didn't know that hot tubs could be bought on Amazon, well now you do! Treat yo' self!

Final Thoughts

Whatever you are looking for this year just make sure it fits in your budget. Showing love and appreciation through gifts is all well and good, but don't do it at the expense of your own financial security. Most important spend time with the ones you love or doing the things you love this year. 2020 has been wild and we all need some time to chill out, maybe with a new jukebox, or maybe hugging a Lombardi trophy. Enjoy and have a happy holiday season.

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